Sweden: A Global leader of Energy Efficiency

When I mention Sweden, what comes to mind?

Some may think of great sport icons, such as Annika Sorenstam (golf) and Bjorn Borg (tennis).  Others may think of classic Hollywood actresses, such as Ann-Margret, Ingrid Bergman or Greta Garbo.  To me, having Swedish root, I instantly think of my Grandma Swanson’s meatballs with potatoes and gravy.  But throughout the European community, Sweden has been strongly recognized as a Leader in Energy Efficiency.

I took my first trip to Sweden 3 years ago.  As soon as I walked off the airplane in the Arlanda airport, it was very clear how far Sweden is ahead of the rest of the world in energy efficiency. One interesting fact is that Arlanda Airport’s cooling and heating supply comes from the world’s largest energy storage unit…an aquifer.  Cold water is pumped out of the aquifer in the summer to be used in the airport’s district cooling network.  Heated water then flows back and is pumped underground for storage until winter—when it is needed to melt the snow in the aircraft parking stands and pre-warm the ventilation air in buildings.

After witnessing Sweden’s energy saving methods, I was not surprised that Stockholm was named Europe’s first “Green Capital” for 2010. Striving to build upon recognition from the European community, Sweden continues to look for new ways to reduce its carbon emissions and lower its dependency on fossil fuels.

While visiting our partner Inuit earlier this year, I was able to meet with many individuals from various Scandinavian companies.  All of our discussions centered on additional ways for them to become more energy efficient. One topic that we discussed in-depth was PC power management. Most of the individuals that I spoke with did not realize the amount of energy that was being wasted by their PCs. Implementing PC power management would help them reduce PC energy usage up to 60%. After our discussions, many of the companies were eager to implement pilot programs, using New Boundary Technologies’ PwrSmart™ Service, to see their true savings.

Sweden’s innovation and creativity have spurred many unique ideas and inventions.  Today that innovation has propelled them to be global leaders in energy efficiency.  The whole world should be taking notes – I know I am. 

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