Green IT Roundup: January 23 - 27, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup features  Sustainability’s impact on the competitiveness of corporations, Sustainable cities taking center stage, 12 Data center energy management trends in 2012, Inside look at Kohl’s green energy leadership, and The impact Green IT has on organization’s energy costs.

More Companies Say Sustainability Needed to be Competitive
The third annual Sustainability & Innovation Global Experience Study found that two-thirds of corporations noted sustainability as being necessary for them to be competitive.  This number is up by 55% from 2010.  A few companies noted in the study are: Nike, Wal-Mart, GE and Campbell soup.

Sustainable Cities Take Center Stage
While national governments are pushing sustainability measures to the side, cities are embracing it.  Many of the world’s largest cities are becoming a source for emerging technologies and business models.

12 Data Center Energy Management Trends for 2012 and Beyond
Beginning in 2012, data centers will encounter major changes.  This blog highlights 12 changes data center and facility managers will experience over the next couple of years.

Inside Kohl’s Green Energy Leadership
Tari Emerson, Kohl’s director of energy and capital projects, discusses Kohl’s sustainability initiatives, how other organizations can get started and steps on how organizations can achieve their sustainability goals.

Green IT and Energy Costs for Business
Many organizations are now implementing Green IT initiatives because of the cost saving it provides.  The cost savings features of Green IT has led to the rapid growth of Green IT.  This blog notes 5 Tips to reduce IT costs.


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