Someone That We Used to Know

The recent acquisition of Numara Software by BMC has caused some of BMC’s rivals to suddenly become experts on BMC’s business. For example, one of them blogged that Numara customers should expect an increase in maintenance costs and an aggressive push to migrate to BMC’s Remedyforce in order to increase BMC’s SaaS installed base. Another posted insulting cartoons and a narrative about a “marriage of convenience” between the two, with Numara products joining a “harem” of other products that BMC has acquired over the years.

Where Did Everyone Go?

There’s a lot of buzz around the office lately about working remotely.  $4 per gallon gas and snowstorms in April probably have something to do with it. We’re tossing around ideas about what our future work environment might look like. One idea is to have a smaller central office for meeting with important customers and prospects, with the majority of employees working remotely most of the time. Another suggestion is to have a few satellite offices (“touchdown spaces”) where employees who live in those parts of the Twin Cities can work.

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