Someone That We Used to Know

The recent acquisition of Numara Software by BMC has caused some of BMC’s rivals to suddenly become experts on BMC’s business. For example, one of them blogged that Numara customers should expect an increase in maintenance costs and an aggressive push to migrate to BMC’s Remedyforce in order to increase BMC’s SaaS installed base. Another posted insulting cartoons and a narrative about a “marriage of convenience” between the two, with Numara products joining a “harem” of other products that BMC has acquired over the years. While it can be amusing to watch the verbal jousting and make bets about how many lawyers are exchanging cease and desist letters, we have a different take based on our knowledge and history.

New Boundary Technologies had a long and beneficial partnership with Tampa-based Numara Software. It started in 2002 when they were Blue Ocean Software, continued through the Intuit years and the Numara years. We rebranded Prism Deploy, our automated software deployment tool, for them. They successfully sold it as Numara Deploy until we amicably ended our partnership in 2009. New Boundary Technologies gained many new customers through the partnership. Some of them chose to migrate to our Prism Deploy product, rather than having to learn Numara Software’s Criston-based product.

We don’t have a crystal ball to predict what will become of Numara customers under BMC, and we don’t feel qualified to spray the blogosphere with uninformed commentary about BMC’s product or business strategy. Instead, we will continue to focus on our current and future customers. In that spirit, we’d like to let Numara Deploy customers know that the product they knew and loved is still around, and better than ever.

The last Numara Deploy release was version 9 (the same as Prism Deploy version 8). Prism Deploy is now at version 12.1. Many new features and functions have been added since then to reflect the changing IT landscape. For example, Prism Deploy includes features to support today’s mobile workforce and the latest Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems, in addition to having increased security roles and alerting functions. Numara Deploy customers can get a more detailed listing of the major enhancements here.

Numara Deploy customers will also be interested to know that New Boundary Technologies handles all of its product support in-house, so they will get non-tiered support right from the source. In addition, migrating from Numara Deploy to Prism Deploy is simple, because the underlying code base is exactly the same. Give us a call!

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