Green IT Roundup: January 9 - 13, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup highlights: Six Predictions for Green IT in 2012, Organizations overlooking PC power management solutions as a means to reducing their energy consumption and costs, Chief Sustainability Office at General Mills discusses the company’s sustainability goals and strategy, and A former Senior VP of Global Sustainability gives fellow executives and CFOs financial tips on corporate sustainability.

6 Predictions for Green IT in 2012
A primary goal of CIOS in 2012 is to improve the efficiency of their IT department.  How should CIOs prepare to increase IT efficiency? This article includes 6 predictions that will help CIOs achieve their IT efficiency goals in 2012.

CIOs Ignoring PC Power Management
Despite PC power management cost saving potential, organizations – small and large, are failing to implement it into their environment.  Ovum, recently published a report, noting that PC power management solutions are an effective means to reducing an organization’s energy consumption.

Digging in to the Whole ‘O’ of Sustainability at General Mills
Carrying on General Mills heritage of innovations and stewardship, Jerry Lynch, chief sustainability officer at General Mills, outlines the company’s strategy on how it’s going to achieve their sustainability goals by 2015.

4 Tips on Guiding Employees to Greener Energy Habits
The habits and behaviors of your employees greatly affect your company’s energy reduction strategy and savings potential.  This blog highlights several ways to promote better “Green Habits” of your employees.

A Crash Course in Sustainability for CFOs
Vicki Tillman, former Senior VP of Global Sustainability Business Developments at The McGraw-Hills Companies, draws on her experience in implementing corporate sustainability initiatives to give fellow executives and CFOs financial tips for implement success sustainability initiatives.

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