Prism Suite® - now with full support for Windows 10® - is a fully integrated Windows configuration management solution featuring simple and automated software deployment, IT asset management and patch management.

With flexible anytime, anywhere administration, Prism Suite improves IT efficiency, lowers costs and ensures real-time compliance. Eliminate your configuration management worries with Prism Suite and know how it feels to Experience Control.

NEW: Prism Suite now includes web-based Prism Portal, a browser-based information portal that enables Prism Suite administrators and non-administrative stakeholders to easily tap into Prism Suite's rich data set. Because it's a web application, users can access it from the browser of their choice, whether it's on a PC, table or smartphone. 

Do you need to simplify and automate your IT environment?  Prism Suite® provides you leading-edge functionality for reliable software deployment, IT asset management and patch management enabling you to Experience Control all day, every day. 

Experience Control with Prism Suite

Prism Deploy:  A simple, granular software deployment platform that automates software deployments, updates, repairs, and removals to any and every Windows computer across your network.

Prism Asset Manager: A powerful, easy-to-use tool that collects and analyzes data of all installed software and hardware assets - providing you with the insight needed to ensure full software license compliance, optimized software purchases and accurate system migration.

GFI Languard® for Prism Suite: A complete, yet simple and highly scalable patch management solution that proactively, automatically and accurately secures Windows systems from software vulnerabilities.

Prism Portal: A browser-based information portal for Prism Suite.

  • If your organization uses more than one Prism Suite channel to manage a large or dispersed population of computers, Prism Portal can show you aggregated data from all of your channels, making it your single pane of glass for Prism Suite information. 
  • Use Prism Portal to quickly check the status of your hot-button task deployments or PC configuration questions from any device with a browser - workstation, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Give your CIO, team leaders, help desk technicians and software licensing specialists access to the Prism-related information they need to make decisions and do their jobs. Prism Portal gives them just the right amount of information in a customizable, familiar format - a web page - without overwhelming them with all the functionality contained in Prism Suite's legacy console.

Prism Mobile: A companion mobile app for Prism Suite that gives you a way to leverage Prism Suite's power from your iOS and Android devices. Manage remotely, take action quickly, troubleshoot on the go.

More benefits . . .

At the heart of Prism Suite's operations is a Channel. The Channel provides a framework for the administrator to interact with managed computers. It serves as the administrator’s conduit for gathering information, setting automatic updates, completing inventories, and targeting specific changes to managed computers. The Channel is managed through the Prism Suite Console.

A Channel Defines:

  • A collection of managed computers, along with detailed information about their status
  • The administrator’s preferred settings
  • Organizational groups that reflect the network’s Active Directory structure
  • Configuration rules for automatically identifying and grouping computers
  • Tasks for deploying changes to managed computers
  • Hardware and software inventory data and license information
  • Scanned and non-scanned assets
  • Default and custom reports
  • And much more

Prism Suite’s Core Components

  • Console: Interface for the administrator to manage the Channel and its settings; add groups, manage computers; and view detailed deployment, inventory, and other administrative reports.
  • Channel Server: Program that manages communication between the Console, the Clients, and the database. Through its regular communication with Client computers, the Channel Server allows Prism Suite to implement changes on an on-going basis, without direct intervention on the part of the administrator.
  • Database: Repository for storing information from the Channel, such as Client status, configuration, and deployment details. Reports harvest information from the database.
  • Client: The Client is installed on managed computers so that they can receive changes and report information to the Channel. You can install the Client directly by browsing through Active Directory or your domain’s browse list. If the target computers are not available through one of these means, you can install the Client using a Subscription file created in the Console. 

System Requirements for Prism Suite

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Customer Success

“Prism dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to set up new workstations and reconfigure the old ones. It provides us the means to manage software and track licenses as well as maintain our software with updates and patches.” - Ken Christman, SERA Architects