How long does it take for you to execute software deployments – days, even weeks? 

Prism Deploy® - now with full support for Windows 10®is a simple, granular software deployment platform that allows you to Experience Control of your computing infrastructures. Automate software deployments, updates, repairs, and removals to any and every Windows computer across a network – within minutes.

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Prism Deploy flawlessly executes software deployments with minimal set-up, rapid installations of up to five times faster than native installs and automatic software configuration compliance across your enterprise. Prism Deploy is a simple, easy-to-use tool – spend less time training and more time completing your software deployment initiatives.

Key Features and Benefits of Prism Deploy

Automatic Deployment Groups:  Populates groups based on computer's configuration —  target deployment by configuration, practice groups, department, region, location, etc.

Conflict Checking: Checks and identifies conflicts prior to deployment — produces 100% reliable roll-outs.
Flexible Deployment: Provides multiple installation options — .MSI, .BAT, .VBS, .PWC, etc. — ensures rapid installs using elevated accounts on any desired schedule.

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Prism Deploy distributes software and other configuration changes to multiple computers simultaneously, no matter where they are in the world, no matter the task. Whether you need to roll out a software suite, perform a simple configuration tweak, or run a complex script, Prism Deploy automates it. You can also delete unapproved software from computers, and even update security permissions on a registry key or file – all without ever visiting a workstation or server.

Overview of Channel Tasks

Tasks are the Prism Deploy files, scripts, and commands you want to install or execute on target computers. After setting up a Task in the Channel, simply assign the task to a computer, or a group of computers. Users do not have to be logged on or even be aware of when tasks are running.

There are four types of Tasks:

Package: This Task installs a Prism Deploy package file (.pwc or .exe) that contain files, folders, registry settings, shortcuts, and other system changes. Packages can install, modify or uninstall configuration changes.

Command: This Task runs an external command. A Command Task is very versatile, letting you run any type of third-party command that is supported on the target computer—an MSI file to install software, a system command, a batch file, a third-party utility or a script.

Script: This Task installs a Prism Deploy script file (.pts). A script contains commands written in Prism Deploy’s scripting language, and is useful for combining several actions that need to be installed in sequence.

Windows Installer Package: This task installs Windows Installer files (.msi). An easy to understand task wizard leads users through a simple process for creating and configuring MSI application deployments, including the ability to set all MSI-supported options and properties on the task.

System Requirements

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Customer Success

“We’ve been using Prism Deploy for years to install and maintain software on over 2,500 PCs. We’ve always been impressed by the high quality of New Boundary Technologies’ solutions, their people and their outstanding technical support." - Chip Eckardt, Univeristy of Wisconsin – Eau Claire