“With more than 40 facilities in Oregon and California, we save an incredible amount of time by using Prism Deploy to distribute software across the organization. We can update all of our desktops in a matter of minutes from a single location.”

“We use Prism Deploy for everything from minor software updates to full application suite installations, repairs and removals. When a new employee comes on board, we can provision a new PC for them in about five minutes using a Prism Deploy package.”

“We have had great experiences with New Boundary Technologies products as well as their support. The one time we couldn’t resolve a software issue, New Boundary flew a technician to our corporate headquarters to troubleshoot and fix the problem in our network environment.”

Travis Rogers 
Premier West Bank

“Prism Deploy offers us a lot of flexibility in managing our desktops. We use it to repackage legacy software applications for deployment and updates, and to create installation packages for a new document management system. And New Boundary Technologies customer support has always been superb.”

John Falloon 
British Columbia Securities Commission

“Prism solutions allow me to deploy applications and hot fixes to all of the workstations at our corporate headquarters, four remote plants and several SOHO salespersons from a single location. In addition to deploying apps and updates, I can update local admin and Win VNC passwords, and monitor software versions to maintain a desktop standard and prevent conflict issues.”

 Philip Woodring
LSCO Metals Corporation

“We use Prism Deploy to create and maintain repeatable desktop management processes, which saves us considerable time when deploying software throughout the organization. While we seldom need technical support for Prism products, when we have needed it the response has been excellent, with technicians who are willing to work with you every step of the way to resolve your issue. ”

Des Hayles 
Lehder Environmental Services

“We were able to complete a company-wide Office upgrade with one click and our highest success rate ever using Prism. And New Boundary Technologies customer support is actually the best I have ever dealt with. It’s amazing how much they know.”

Elliston Kieng 

“Prism dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to set up new workstations and reconfigure older ones. It provides us with the means to manage software and track licenses as well as maintain our software with updates and patches.”

Ken Christman 
SERA Architects

“With Prism, we are able to monitor systems to remove viruses and spyware and maintain a very corporate computer environment. We no longer have to worry about unauthorized or inappropriate software being installed on our systems. We’ve also reduced IT visits to satellite offices by more than 50 percent, which is saving us $15,000 per year.”

Kelly Hooper 
Cando Contracting Ltd.

“ We’ve been using Prism Deploy for four years to install and maintain software on over 2,500 PCs. We’ve always been impressed by the high quality of New Boundary Technologies’ solutions, their high-quality people, and their outstanding technical support. New Boundary really understands the software distribution needs of IT departments, and delivers the features and functionality we need to keep our networked systems secure, stable and up-to-date. What is equally important is every employee I have met really cares about the customer.”

Chip Eckardt 
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

“Prism products help us keep our desktops updated and patched to protect them from various security issues. We also use Prism to deploy software, updates, service packs and hot fixes. That’s means we no longer have to touch every machine, which saves us a great deal of time.”

 Randy Weir 
FMI Corporation

“Prism Deploy eliminates the need for us to visit individual workstations to install software. We save a tremendous amount of time by being able to automate software distribution with Prism Deploy.”

Randall Backus 
Wallingford Public Schools

“It looks like New Boundary Technologies has done it again. Their new Prism Suite seems to have an incomparable focus on the everyday needs of IT professionals. It’s easy to see that the company’s development engineers are IT professionals themselves. By offering a suite with the flexibility to customize itself to fit the needs of our specific organization, New Boundary has truly done something unique by combining multiple core functionalities into one efficient interface.”

Caroline Perkins, PC and Applications Manager and Developer 
Group Mackenzie.

“Because Policy Commander is so easy to learn and use, we were actively implementing and testing policies just an hour after it was installed. Based on our testing, we believe that Policy Commander will help us minimize the risk of security breaches and respond much more quickly to system vulnerabilities. Any company required to undergo audits or comply with information security regulations could certainly benefit from Policy Commander’s robust functionality.”

Johnny Coxx, database administrator 
1st Franklin Financial Corporation

"Because Prism is very flexible and intuitive, it makes for extremely fast distribution and requires no training. These were important considerations in our selection. We found the minimal hardware demands and the simple copying of channels to be especially important. And the support we receive has been excellent; even with problems unrelated to Prism, we were able to get the help we needed to resolve our technical issues."

Tobias Droste
Randstad Germany GmbH & Co. KG

We decided to purchase Prism Deploy because of its moderate price, its intuitive operation, and its range of functionality. I find it especially good that Prism Deploy delivers on what is promised. Within a relatively short time after installation, it reached a high portion of the PCs that had been loaded with Prism. "

Peter Eppler
Randstad Germany GmbH & Co. KG

"In a cost-benefit analysis, Prism Deploy fared the best; that's why we chose this product. It's especially worth noting that we can manage the software on our PC system centrally from the main office. The product works so well we have not yet needed to call upon the support staff."

Olaf Klepper
Paper Union GmbH

"We decided to purchase Prism Deploy because of the ease of operation. We especially like the uncomplicated editing function of the software packages. We find the support very helpful, with a high level of specialized competence and round the clock access."

Uwe Franzen
T-Systems CDS

"Our decision fell to Prism Deploy because it is a mature solution and offered a very effective and simple software distribution program with a comparatively low licensing price. We especially like the simplicity of the packaging, the problem-solving capacity, and the commitment to never leave behind a defective workstation, even when it's a component delivery. Network bandwidth is protected because only truly necessary program parts are transferred. The relationship between price and performance, in our opinion, can't be beat. The support is, without exception, very good."

Sven Struzyna
Sparkass Gifhorn-Wolfsburg

"We were tired of needing to run from PC to PC with every software update, which is why we decided to purchase Prism Deploy. We find it especially good that one can work through designated packages after the fact, and that one can quite easily get an overview from the console of the configuration groups that each PC is part of. We are very pleased with the support. In every case we received a very quick response to every request for support."

Thomas Preissler
Tettauer Glashuettenwerke

"Our choice was for Prism Deploy because, after a successful test, it most fully met our demands. We especially like that it is user friendly, easy to understand, and reliable. We judge the support to be more than adequate and competent."

Christian Waterkotte
SBroker AG

"We decided upon Prism Deploy because it is easy to maintain and thereby achieves a very high level of effectiveness. The reason for this is the clear concept that is fundamental to this product. As a user, one knows immediately how to approach the problems that arise and how to solve them. The adjustment period is therefore short. The support is VERY good. There is no problem or question that is not quickly solved. Sometimes it's almost uncomfortable for me to ask so many questions. But the support staff never lost their patience. Keep it up!"

Michael Kreutzer
Community Hospital Bonn

"Our choice fell to Prism Deploy because during our selection process it was the best product. What appeals to us most is that it functions as promised. The support is outstanding."

Erwin Neelen

"After testing several products we decided upon Prism Deploy, most importantly because of the relationship between price and benefits. We were especially impressed by the simple installation and service. The assistance we receive from the support unit and the response times are exemplary. No question remains unanswered."

Joerg Wenzel
Landkreis Wernigerode

"Because of its simple operation we decided on Prism Deploy. We find it especially good that Prism Deploy functions reliably and it doesn't require a great deal of expense to use it. The support is good."

Stephan Krischel
Next Consulting S.a.r.l

"Prism Deploy makes possible a simple, accessible, stable software distribution in our network with very different client configurations. In other words, due to its very simple installation and stability, Prism Deploy gives us the ability to simplify administration of a very heterogeneous environment."

Siegfried Gnoth
DFS German Flight Security, GmbH

"Prism Deploy was at the time we made our purchase, from our perspective, the best product because it delivers what it promises. Very good support - quick problem solving."

Andreas Roessler
Moeller Gebaeudeautomation KG

"With Prism software we have taken a superb step. The installation of this software made it possible for us to make better use of our limited resources, thus there is more time for daily business."

Mario Opitz
Bayer Buna GmbH

"We would once again like to express our very hearty appreciation for the prompt and competent support. The support from New Boundary Technologies for Prism Deploy sets a standard for quality, response time, and competence against which others can measure themselves!"

Rudi Flubacher, Head of Information Technology
Genzyme Pharmaceuticals

"We decided to purchase Prism Deploy because of the good performance and the universally useable packaging system. Especially good are the scalability through individual software packages, high-performance installations, as well as rollback of applications and configurations. The support is prompt and helpful."

Daniel Oswald
HRM Systems AG

"Prism Deploy is impressive due to a good cost-benefit relationship and simple handling. The support can only be described as good."

Norbert Scholl
Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Duisburg

"Prism Deploy Packager is very clear and intuitive to use for the administrator and while simultaneously solving very complicated problems. Also compelling about Prism Deploy Packager is its stability and the good and prompt support, which is especially important for our training organization. The support functions to our fullest satisfaction."

Stefan Berger

"We selected Prism Deploy because it is easy to use, the directions in German are easy to follow, and the system has a wide range of functionality. We agree with the outstanding recommendations in the specialty journals. The support provided by Prism Deploy is quick and easily assessable, even on weekends. We are totally satisfied with the system."

Heinz Hoffmann

"The decision fell to Prism Deploy because of the good reviews, the available demonstration version, and the easy usability. In addition, the easy operation, the quick distribution, and the substantial security are all judged very positively. The support can be assessed as simply outstanding; especially noteworthy are the live demonstrations via the Internet."

Torsten Sprotte
SaxCom GmbH

"What convinced us about Prism Deploy was the robust functionality, performance and an attractive price for such a manageable solution. Since the system functions so well, we've not had any need to request support."

Marco Piepe
Paper Union GmbH

"Prism Deploy is a simple tool for software distribution with simple installation and operation and good support."

Dieter Schaeublin
Beiersdorf AG

"We bought Prism Deploy on a recommendation and stick with it because it is simple to operate."

Stephan Heupel
Bauverein zu Luenen

"Prism Deploy is a good and easy-to-use software distribution solution. I has a great range of capabilities with simple, user friendly service and helpful and competent support."

Mike Pilawski
Computer A&) GmbH

"In Prism Deploy's favor are the cost-benefit relationship and the support for software packages in MSI platform. The console management and the configuration groupings make optimal package ordering possible and provide valuable information. Prism allows for quick reaction times to patches, and the efficiency can be enhanced through scripting possibilities. The support through Optimal is always prompt and competent and provides quick problem solving."

St. Gall Psychiatric Services Region South-IT 

"Our decision fell to Prism Deploy after researching the test reports of various publications, where it was always in the forefront. In addition were the very good cost/benefit factor, minimal hardware needs, and little time needed to adapt. We also find very positive the easy service, the quick distribution, and most importantly the rollback function. The support, which we only had to use once, was very good."

Davor Cmko
Medical Tribune Verlagsgesellschaft mbH


Quotes from Analysts and Media

“By developing an intelligent security policy format for its Policy Commander solution, New Boundary Technologies has taken an interesting new approach toward simplifying and automating security policy management. Comprehensive security policy management has become a significant interest, particularly in compliance-sensitive organizations. By helping to simplify the policy management process, New Boundary Technologies is helping to make security policy management accessible to a much larger portion of the market.”

Scott Crawford, Senior Analyst with 
Enterprise Management Associates

“Security policy management can quickly become painful and unmanageable without the right tools. New Boundary Technologies has pioneered the best way to simplify computer security policy management and enforcement. It is now not only possible to automate the whole process, but to also monitor and revive devices that have fallen out of the compliance.”

Rick Justice, Chief Editor 
Info Security Products Guide

“Given the regulatory climate and efficiency issues driving IT strategy, it’s not enough to get your computer systems to a desired state – the challenge is to continually keep them in compliance. New Boundary Technologies’ Prism Suite is a dynamic, process-based management solution, providing the underlying technology for custom ‘set-and-forget’ management, without unnecessary functionality that adds complexity and cost.”

Audrey Rasmussen, Vice President 
Enterprise Management Associates

“Two years of consolidation in the desktop management market left a definite gap between point solution and suite providers that New Boundary Technologies aims to fill with its Prism Suite. By integrating all the essential desktop management functions with an open administrative console that accepts point solution snap-ins, Prism Suite delivers a powerful, highly customizable solution targeted to the SMB market.”

“With the looming threat of regulatory enforcement, the senior level executives accountable for the state of network security are rapidly recognizing the value of automated policy management systems. By providing C-level execs a comprehensive real-time analysis of their network’s compliance, Policy Commander efficiently bridges a gap in understanding of the enterprise’s overall state of security.”

Richard L. Ptak, Co-founder and Partner 
Ptak, Noel & Associates

“Policy Commander is a good all-around tool for auditing and enforcing security policies on your Windows-based clients and servers. It is fairly easy to use and doesn’t suffer from UI overload.”

“The browser-based administrative console is easy to navigate and not overly cluttered. I liked that I could quickly check the compliancy status of my PCs from the console, filtered by policy or computer. By clicking on each non-compliant PC, I could see which policies had failed, and with one click, I could choose to enforce the policy or dig deeper for more information.”

Keith Schultz 

“Policy Commander w ill help the helpless ensure the best security settings for many server and PC roles. It also helps experienced users rolling out customized settings.”

“Policy Commander is a welcome aid for mid-sized companies that are finding the growth in their IT investment too much to handle.”

“Without wishing to sound unkind, Policy Commander is the Windows security equivalent of the Dummy’s Guide To series of books. This is because it requires very little technical skill.

Eric Doyle 
SC Magazine

“New Boundary Technology Inc.'s Policy Commander automates what can be the overwhelming manual task of maintaining security settings on Windows desktop, laptop and server systems.”

Cameron Sturdevant
eWeek Review Editor

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