New Boundary Technologies Reaches 30-year Milestone in Tech

Company continues to innovate with its RemoteAware M2M platform, PwrSmart® Service and the Prism Suite® family of PC configuration management solutions

MINNEAPOLIS, April 1, 2015 – New Boundary Technologies® today celebrates its 30th anniversary as a leading technology innovator.

“We are proud of the hundreds of pioneering software applications we've developed over the past 30 years that have benefited millions of users around the world,” said Kim Pearson, founder and chief executive officer of New Boundary Technologies.  “As technology changes ever faster, we look forward to developing new solutions that enrich the lives of our customers, business partners and employees and improve the environment in the years ahead.”

New Boundary Technologies enters its third decade as a creative industry leader in making complex technology simple. Its latest solutions provide critical functionality and actionable information to customers by using the most agile and responsive platforms available – cloud and mobile. Rather than layering on backend complexity and cost, New Boundary Technologies’ IT and M2M solutions leverage the benefits of browser and mobile-based platforms: fast time to value, easy path to pilot, accessible information from anywhere, any time.

Recent highlights:

  • M2M smart farming solution is featured in Verizon’s Powerful Answers Sustainability Solutions series.
  • Company’s innovative M2M technology is providing groundbreaking partner-branded solutions in agriculture, oil & gas, water management, food processing, process automation, and many other critical markets requiring real-time remote monitoring and control.
  • PwrSmart Service is being used by organizations around the world to reduce the energy usage of PCs, without adding an administrative burden to their IT staff. Organizations have conserved significant energy while saving millions of dollars annually in electricity costs by leveraging our cloud-based solution.
  • Prism Portal™ and Prism Mobile™ for iOS and Android (part of the Prism Suite of products) reduce the complexity of traditional PC configuration management suites to expose simple, granular and graphical information and control to multiple IT stakeholders. 

“We have established ourselves as a leader in providing creative technical solutions to real-world business challenges,” said Tom Diamond, president of New Boundary Technologies. “We always strive to anticipate the future needs of our customers by applying forward-looking technologies to arrive at effective solutions.”

Organizations large and small turn to New Boundary Technologies to gain insight and control over IT networks and remote equipment. Channel and alliance partners around the world rely on the company’s track record of success and innovation to help build their own businesses.

A detailed timeline of key New Boundary Technologies’ milestones is available on the company’s web site. For more information, please call 800-747-4487 or send email to

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