Experience Control™ of Your Energy Consumption

PwrSmart Service Features and Benefits

PwrSmart Service instantly delivers energy savings and reduces carbon emissions to meet tightening facility budgets and increased sustainability requirements.

Risk-Free Start-Up

Instant Energy Savings:  Continuous energy savings starts immediately upon activation.

No Up-Front Investment:  Service is delivered through a web-browser – no hardware, software, database infrastructure or software support required.

Flexible Contract Terms:  Service is free from long-term commitments; plus provides pay-as-you-go billing.

Key Features

Web-Based Interactive Interface:  Provides real-time PC energy savings data; user dashboard is accessible from any web browser.

Energy Auditing System:  Enables quick energy savings calculations, ongoing optimization of energy usage and comprehensive reporting for energy rebate and sustainability programs.

Analysis Engine:  Presents data in visually appealing graphs and charts, with the ability to click and drill-down for additional settings and energy/cost savings details.

Automated Control:  Patented technology applies power management settings without manual intervention and enforces settings even if end-users try to disable or change them.

Service-Model Delivery:  Delivers real-time updates with the latest features and enhancements without the hassle of traditional software upgrades.

Simple and Powerful

Remote Wake™: Enables end-users and administrators to securely wake office PCs remotely over the internet, eliminating the need to keep PCs on 24x7 “just in case” someone needs after-hours access.

Security Roles:  Permit users to customize permissions and allow or deny access to specific functions.

Power Settings:  Control and enforce multiple power settings depending on the time of day - any computer, any setting, any time.

Multiple Action Settings:  Schedule complete PC shut downs, hibernations or wake-up events based on work schedules and maintenance. PC power management schemes can be configured to keep critical applications running.

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Customer Success

“We are excited to distribute PwrSmart Service; it's re-seller friendly. PwrSmart Service's graphical interface, 'hands-off' administration and comprehensive reporting functions stand out compared to other 'clunky' and overpriced centralized PC power management solutions.” - Thorir Eggertsson,Founder and CEO, Inuit AB