Experience Control™ of Your PC Power Consumption

PwrSmart Software Features and Benefits

Benefits of Control

PwrSmart Software’s simplicity, automation and granularity generates:

Rapid ROI:  Software pays for itself in as little as three months; can cut PC energy costs up to 60 percent.

Increased IT and Operational Efficiency:  No manual intervention required; automatic setting and enforcement of power management schemes with minimal effort.

Smaller Carbon Footprint:  PC power management can reduce overall corporate energy consumption by 15 percent, lowering environmental impact and contributing to sustainability initiatives.

Extended IT Asset Longevity:  Reduced usage permits PCs and other network assets to last longer.

Delivering Control

PwrSmart Software offers complete functionality for centralized, self-maintaining PC power management:

PwrGroups®:  Leveraging patented SmartUpdate™ technology, PwrGroups dynamically target and group computer configurations with similar power management requirements

“Set-It-and-Forget-It” Enforcement:  Automatic PC power management enforcement ensures any changes to settings are automatically reverted back into compliance.

Flexible Power Schemes:  Pre-packaged, EPA-recommended power schemes available; power schemes completely customizable and can accommodate multiple power settings for the same PC.

Dynamic Analysis:  Energy savings calculator displays real-time insight into managed PCs; flexible reporting engine demonstrates compliance with corporate policies and provides quantitative data for energy rebates and sustainability reports.

Even More Control

The latest version of PwrSmart Software provides additional PC power management flexibility:

Targeted Power Assignment:  Build PwrGroups based on Active Directory® groups, location, IP address ranges, hardware configuration, operating system languages, time zones, etc.

Power Management Events: Implement detailed power management actions, such as complete PC shut down, hibernation, standby or wake up. Use stay awake feature for software updates, after-hours events or other activities.

Active Process Aware:  Exempt PCs from scheduled power management events to ensure critical processes and applications are not interrupted. 

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Customer Success

"PwrSmart automatically targets and groups our more than 16,000 PCs across six different PC power management classifications, which will generate more than $1 million in energy cost savings over the next 2-3 years." IT administrator Large, regional health system in Virginia