The RemoteAware Internet of Things (IoT) application platform provides private label branded IoT application suites. RemoteAware provides out-of-the-box solutions for a broad range of sensors and equipment without requiring software developers to build the applications. Upfront and ongoing software development costs are eliminated.

Built-in support for off the shelf wired and wireless IoT communications devices and IoT device clouds is included. A rich set of configuration options lets solution providers and end customers create application-specific user interfaces without any programming. New robust and field-ready IoT applications can be brought to market in days. 


Instant time to market

RemoteAware is a highly configurable application platform designed to bring IoT applications to market without requiring costly upfront and ongoing software developer and IT resources. 

No software developers required

Most RemoteAware applications are available out of the box, without programming. The RemoteAware platform can be configured for monitoring virtually any type of sensor or equipment. The user interface is designed for enterprises and solution providers who want to provide a branded experience for their users and customers. 

IoT applications require continual updating as web technology, user devices and security requirements evolve. Updates to the RemoteAware application platform are included as a part of the application service. Ongoing software development costs are eliminated. 

Private label branding

The RemoteAware application user interface is designed for private labeling. Your customers see your branding every time they log in. In addition, the user interface can be personalized for each of your customers. 

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